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Unleash your creativity and sharpen your comedic skills with online improv classes. Learn the art of improvisation, develop quick thinking, and gain confidence in a supportive and fun environment.

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Online Improv

Actor's Improv Studio @ Virtual Classroom

Our Tuesday night online class focuses on Improv as a tool for people to learn to trust their creative instincts, be spontaneous and make strong choices, whether auditioning on camera, in the v.o. booth, on stage, or tv. These are great classes for people who want to learn how to improvise and access their creativity.

Tuesday Oct 3rd, 7–9pm Pacific Time

Tuesday Improv - Daytime Special (Class + Coaching)

Kissin Improv

One of this country's most experienced and well-reviewed improv performers -- a veteran of over 4000 shows with Chicago CIty Limits -- can teach anyone to improvise! You do not need to be "fast on your feet" or "funny" or an extrovert, just someone who is willing to play. This class will help you at work with presentations and public speaking, socially, or simply provide laughs.  All levels welcome as Carl Kissin, whom the NY Times called,...

Tuesday Oct 3rd, 11am–1pm Eastern Time

ONLINE Fun with Improv class

Fun w Improv. Improv Now. @ Online Classroom, New York, NY 00000

This is for everybody, whether your a newbie or novice (experienced) improvisers, actor, people who have fear in public speaking and for anyone who is looking for (((FUN))). This will help actors and improvisers, to be ready on stage and to always be prepared to do different characters. It is great for those who are shy or just nervous. It is great if you have a fear in public speaking. This is great to do by yourself, with friends, family, or even...

Thursday Sep 28th, 8–10pm Eastern Time

3-Hour Group Evaluation Class - Zoom Class

Edge Studio Voice Over

Edge Studio’s 3-hour Group Evaluation Class is the first step in your voiceover education. In this interactive, three-hour long class you will work in a small group setting with one of our Edge Studio Instructors to: Get a brief overview of the modern voice over industry Read for a coach and receive live feedback Receive a follow-up call with a member of our team to discuss the areas of voice over where we think you would be most marketable,...

Saturday Sep 30th, 4–7pm Eastern Time


Acting as a Craft (AAAC)

Chicago Actors Studio @ Online Classroom

The “Acting As A Craft” (AAAC) workshops are uniquely designed master class workshops incorporating a broad range of basic skills that an actor absolutely needs. Students will be given scene assignments from various film and stage plays and then paired up to work that particular scene as a homework assignment which will then be performed at the next scheduled class. These assignments are carefully designed to address whatever the students need...

Monday Nov 6th, 7–10pm Central Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

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Level 2 Advanced Animation Voice-Over with Ned Lott

Actors Connection New York @ Online Classroom

Level 2 Advanced Animation Voice-Over 3 Weeks Online Class: Casting Exercises and Direct Yourself Techniques with Ned Lott, Casting Director, Voice Director and Producer Ned has a wide range of producing, voice directing and casting experience for animation. He was a Producer, Voice Director, and Casting Director with the Walt Disney Studios on seven Studio Ghibli titles, including Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar™ nominated theatrical release “Howl’s...

Wednesday Oct 4th, 7–8:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Online 2-Week VO & On-Camera Intensive with Top NYC Casting Director Barry Shapiro

Acting & Voice Studios @ Virtual Classroom

Join us for our 2-Week ONLINE VO & On-Camera Intensive with Casting Director Barry Shapiro! This will be a live, interactive class with a Q&A and the opportunity to perform for and get feedback from Barry. You will be able to download the recordings of your performances for educational purposes only. You will also be able to send us your headshot, resume, acting reel and anything else you would want Barry to see. This class will be held...

Tuesday Dec 12th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

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Intro to Improv

Improvolution @ Live Online

This online 2-hour virtual intro is an introduction for anyone to learn the fundamentals of improvisation with our unique character-based approach. You will learn the basic tools, rules, and philosophy of improv through games, drills, and virtual scenes… All through your computer screen! AND Now More then Ever! Not only can our Virtual Intro-to-Improv enhance you professional presence online, it can also offer ways for you to thrive in your currently...

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French Improv!

Coucou Los Angeles @ Live Online

Join Coucou teacher, performer, and theatre writer Quentin for our first ever improv workshop, en Français! Despite the constraints and limitations of our current times, we’ve decided to follow the first rule of improv and to say “Oui!” to everything! Yes to working within the constraints and limitations of these new times! Yes to speaking with others in French! Yes to learning new vocabulary and communication tools! Yes to having fun! We...

No upcoming schedules

Private Improv Coaching

Kissin Improv

One of this country's most experienced and well-reviewed improv performers -- a veteran of over 4000 shows with Chicago City Limits -- can teach anyone to improvise! You do not need to be "fast on your feet" or "funny" or an extrovert, just someone who is willing to play. This class will help you at work with presentations and public speaking, socially, ESL, introversion, or simply provide laughs. In slightly less than one hour you will learn all...

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Team Building Improv

Kissin Improv

Anyone can improvise. You do not need to be "fast on your feet" or funny. Through a series of safe, supportive exercises, this workshop will teach your team members better listening skills, out-of-the-box thinking, brainstorming, and collaboration skills. It will also have them laughing non-stop. About as much fun as you can have while learning to communicate, connect, and stretch your creative muscles.. What you will learn Participants will...

No upcoming schedules

Improvisation Level I: Intro to Improv and The Pack

The Miles Stroth Workshop

The online improv classes with Neal Dandade are designed to answer the following question: how do we turn practical limitations into opportunities for growth and creativity? You’ll learn to get “out of your head” in front of your computer screen. Our goal is to augment our use of emotion, listening, and the physical space available to us on our computer screens to make fun choices and shift our minds from a place of judgement to a space of...

No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

Sunday Afternoon - Performance Improv

Kissin Improv

Important: Instructor permission is required to attend this class. In this class, you will be working with experienced improvisers — some working in the business, others aspiring.  My goal is to make you the best possible performer you can be. We will do a mix of classic improv exercises as well as experimenting with new forms. ​This level is for improvisers who want to hone their skills, push their limits, and have an opportunity...

No upcoming schedules

Improv to Script Workshop

ANDTheatre Company @ Online Classroom

A workshop exploring the use of improvisation as a tool to creating scripted work. Looking for an exciting way to work on writing your play? Join us for a workshop exploring the use of improvisation as a tool to creating scripted work. Through the use of specific exercises that support character and story development we will improvise scenes and character explorations based on each other’s suggestions to support the creation of scripted works....

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Musical Improv - Accompanied by a Professional Pianist

Kissin Improv

Learn how to create laugh-inducing lyrics and sensational songs on the spot. ​In this class we will work on some or all of the following skills: rhyming, creating songs using “forwards and backwards” techniques, narrative and joke-form approaches, understanding song structure, improvising in different song styles, putting lyrics to existing melodies, creating new songs from scratch, and writing impromptu parodies. We will build the skills...

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Discover the Best Improv Classes Online

Improvisational theatre, or improv, is a form of spontaneous ensemble theatre. It is unplanned and unscripted, although some improv games allow you to determine aspects of the scene ahead of time, like the setting. When engaging in improv, you create the scene as it goes on. This includes dialogue, actions, storyline, and characters. 

Improv is an old art form of live theatre, with the first documented improvisations taking place in 391 BC in ancient Rome. Throughout time, performers would improv in the streets, showing off their comedic timing and quick thinking. Eventually, improv took a professional turn in the 20th century. Comedy clubs welcomed improvised performances and television shows where improv games were played became popular. 

Today improv is a popular form of live entertainment. It is taught as part of most drama curriculums because it is seen as a valuable skill among theatre actors. Improv has low barriers to entry, making it accessible to anyone with an interest in learning it. 

Why You Should Learn Improv Online

Are you nervous when speaking in front of large groups or audiences? Improv is a great activity for working on your public speaking and improving confidence levels. When creating an improv scene, you must think quickly to develop a storyline and characters, all in front of a live audience. There are no scripts or lines to memorize. In doing this, you end up relying on yourself and your scene partners. 

Of course, with improv comes the chance of failure. You might be unsure of how to continue a scene or not know what physical movements to make. Don’t let this scare you away from improv. The more improv scenes and games you do, the more comfortable you’ll become in front of others. As your confidence grows, you’ll find yourself focusing less on how the audience may be viewing you, and instead on developing an entertaining, well-crafted scene.

Virtual Improv Classes 

In-person improv classes led by an experienced instructor are a great learning option if you’re looking for direct feedback. In-person classes let you witness scenes led by your instructor and other participants in a friendly, fun environment. These classes are also great if you’re looking to socialize with other people that have an interest in improv. 

In-person classes are not always accessible, but virtual classes are available to anyone with a computer and internet connection. If in-person classes are not available to you or do not fit your schedule, consider looking into online improv classes. These remote classes are taught across the US and can help you learn a variety of improv techniques. There are online improv classes offered by CourseHorse. 

If you’re looking to learn the principles of improv while socializing in an easygoing yet energized setting, consider taking Improvise, Socialize, Revitalize, offered by Kissin Improv. This virtual improv class is also offered in a four-session format. During each session, you will work on practicing improv while working toward mastering its major principles. 

CourseHorse regularly updates its list of available online improv classes. If none of the classes currently offered interest you, check back regularly to see what classes have been added. In the past, online improv classes have been offered that focus on the principles of improv as well as working on your communication skills through scene creation. 

Private Online Group Improv Classes

Is your business or organization looking to schedule an improv class as a fun team-building activity? CourseHorse offers improv classes for private groups that focus on important team-building skills like listening, collaborating, and communication that they can deliver straight to you and your group. 

In their virtual Team-Building Improv Workshop, groups of up to 40 will work through a series of improv games and exercises. Although the goal of this class is to improve how you listen to and communicate with your team members, it is also intended to be a fun socializing activity. At the end of the class, your group will have improved their ability to work together as well as their personal confidence levels. 

Smaller corporate groups can sign up for CourseHorse’s virtual Corporate Improv Workshop. You and your group will work on creating funny scenes while also improving your teamwork and communication. Companies and organizations that emphasize public speaking may be interested in the comedian-led virtual Public-Speaking through Stand-up class. Your group will work on writing jokes that can be told in a stand-up environment. This class accommodates up to 30 participants. 

If these classes fail to meet the needs or interests of your group, don’t hesitate to reach out to CourseHorse through the contact form on their website to see what other classes they offer or what classes they can create for you and your group. CourseHorse classes can accommodate a range of group sizes. If you’re unsure of your group’s size at the time of booking, go ahead and book for the minimum group size. You can then update your headcount later. 

CourseHorse recommends that you take their classes over Zoom, but they can accommodate other platforms. There are no booking fees when using CourseHorse, and they offer free cancellations up to two weeks before your class. 

Online vs. In-Person Improv Classes

When deciding if you’d like to take an in-person or online improv class, you should consider the benefits of both. In-person classes are great for receiving hands-on instruction and direct feedback. In an in-person class, you can also socialize with other participants more easily and have your questions answered by your instructor as you work through the class.

Online classes are more accessible than in-person classes. If the commute to your closest in-person class is too far or if there are no in-person improv classes in your area, you should consider online classes. These classes are open to anyone with internet access and eliminate the need to commute. They are led by a live instructor who will guide you and the other participants through the class syllabus. 

When deciding between online and in-person classes, first determine if there are any in-person classes scheduled in your area. If there are, assess how they would fit into your schedule, including the required commute time. If you find that there are none or you won’t be able to make the commute, online classes may be the best option for you. 

Can I Learn Improv for Free Online?

You can begin learning improv for free through online resources like tutorials and on-demand videos. If you’re looking for additional instruction from an expert who can answer your questions, an instructor-led class is a more efficient and thorough way to learn improv.