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Discover a variety of Microsoft Office classes in NYC. Learn essential skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and more, and boost your productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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Microsoft Excel Bootcamp

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Master all Excel has to offer in our three-day, 21-hour bootcamp. The only prerequisite for the course is basic computer skills. Learn calculations, tables, and basic hotkeys on Day 1. Dive into Pivot Tables, database functions, and advanced spreadsheet features in Day 2. Conclude by learning how to automate tasks with macros on Day 3 The bootcamp combines our beginner, intermediate, and advanced Excel courses into one affordable bundle. By enrolling...

Tuesday Oct 10th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Microsoft Office Intermediate Bootcamp

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Develop intermediate and advanced Microsoft Office skills in this immersive course. Master Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook to speed up your workflow and boost your productivity. Learn the intermediate and advanced functions of the essential Microsoft Office programs in this 5-day bootcamp. This package includes our intermediate and advanced Excel, advanced PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook classes at a discount. Use Excel to summarize data with...

Friday Oct 6th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Microsoft Office Fundamentals Bootcamp

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Learn the fundamentals of the essential Microsoft Office programs in this 4-day bootcamp. This package includes our beginner Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook classes at a 15% discount. The Microsoft Office Fundamentals Bootcamp Includes Beginner Microsoft Excel Get going with the basics of Excel and start working on projects in Excel. Get practice with calculations and formulas, charts and tables, worksheet and workbook formatting,...

Thursday Oct 5th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Complete Microsoft Office Bootcamp

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Learn all the Microsoft Office programs in-depth in this 9-day bootcamp. This package includes three levels of Excel, two levels of PowerPoint, two levels of Word, and two levels of Outlook classes at a 15% discount. The Complete Microsoft Office Bootcamp Includes Beginner Microsoft Excel Get going with the basics of Excel and start working on projects in Excel. Get practice with calculations and formulas,...

Thursday Oct 5th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (9 sessions)


9 sessions

Microsoft Word Level 1

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Are you a complete beginner to Microsoft Word? Word Level I is the perfect course for you. This seven-hour course provides an overview of Microsoft Word. Word Level I begins with an overview of the Microsoft Word interface, including the user interface and creating and saving documents. At the end of Word Level I, you'll be able to publish reports in a variety of formats. In this course, you'll learn how to add the most common components to your...

Wednesday Oct 18th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

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Microsoft Outlook Level I

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Get the hang of Outlook, including setting up your email signature and formatting your email themes and text. First, you'll learn how to organize messages, create calendars, and schedule appointments and events. You'll then learn how to use other Outlook features—notes, tasks, and journal entries. At the end of Outlook Level I, you'll learn how to add your contacts and create groups.  Outlook Level I is one of two Microsoft Office Outlook...

Thursday Oct 5th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Microsoft Outlook Level II

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Learn to manage your email and calendar more effectively in Microsoft Outlook Level II. You'll learn how to create rules in your email to sort messages, and reduce the time you spend checking email. Using the calendar, you'll learn how to import and export contacts and create electronic business cards. At the end of Microsoft Outlook Level II, you'll review important file settings to ensure you know how to archive important email files...

Friday Oct 6th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Microsoft Excel Training

Sprintzeal Americas Inc @ 305 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

MS Excel can never be displaced by any technology and every organization uses it in one way or the other. Enrolling in Sprintzeal's Advanced Excel training will ensure you have the basic skills to promptly and efficiently carry out day to day activities at work. Although technology has immensely evolved with various high-level programming languages, the importance, and potential of this basic feature cannot be ignored. Every organization needs an...

Monday Oct 16th, 9am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Excel Specialist Certification Program

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Give your resume a boost with Microsoft Excel Certification. The Excel Specialist Certification program includes our three Excel courses (Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced), two hours of private training, and the Excel Specialist Exam fee with a free retake. You'll also receive free proctoring on exam day. All students enrolled in our Microsoft Excel certification program gain lifetime access to our free Excel video courses, the perfect companion...

Tuesday Oct 10th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Introduction to SharePoint 2019 Training

Learning Tree International @ 1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

This Introduction to SharePoint 2019 training gives you a comprehensive overview of the on-premise platform. Microsoft SharePoint 2019 provides a modern approach to business collaboration platform that streamlines document management, simplifies access to information, and provides the ability to deploy solutions quickly and securely. Learn to create, manage, and customize these modern SharePoint 2019 features to the requirements of your organization....

Tuesday Feb 13th, 9am–4:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Microsoft Access Bootcamp

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Access 2016 quickly in this two-day, 14-hour bootcamp. You'll learn everything you need to create databases, tables, queries, reports, and so much more! This bootcamp includes Microsoft Access Level I and Microsoft Access Level II. Are you tired of spending hours organizing worksheets and workbooks in Excel? If so, this bootcamp is for you! Microsoft designed Access to manage massive datasets, generate reports,...

Wednesday Nov 29th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

Microsoft PowerPoint Level I

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Learn foundational skills for creating PowerPoint presentations. In this beginner-friendly class, you will build effective PowerPoints using SmartArt, tables, charts, and presentation tools. Acquire essential skills to create presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, including aligning images and creating shapes, tables, and charts. First, you'll dive into the PowerPoint user interface, including customizing the ribbon. Then you'll learn how to incorporate...

Friday Oct 13th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Intermediate Microsoft Excel

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Master VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, formulas and functions in this intermediate Excel course. Build on your basic Excel knowledge by learning more advanced techniques like Sort & Filter, logical functions, and time-saving tricks. The intermediate Excel class focuses on more advanced functions (including VLOOKUP, COUNTIFS and SUMIFs), Sort & Filter, and Pivot Tables. You'll also learn crucial text-related features like splitting and joining text,...

Thursday Sep 28th, 10am–5pm Eastern Time


Excel VBA Macros Level I

NYC Career Centers @ 185 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 & Virtually Online

Learn macros and automation in Excel VBA and Macros Level I. The class begins with an introduction to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and macros. Throughout the course, you'll learn hotkeys, how to compile code, loops, and logic statements. The session ends with a lesson on using interactive code to create input and message boxes, and error handling, so you can avoid mistakes that lead to software crashes. Excel VBA Programming Course Workbook...

Thursday Nov 2nd, 10am–5pm Eastern Time

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Discover the Best Microsoft Office Classes in NYC

Microsoft Office is among the world’s most widely used software applications. Skills with the family of client software contributes to operations in a variety of industries for several occupations. Office helps users manage email accounts, calendars, spreadsheets, and presentations. Now known as Microsoft 365, Office helps people get work done inside offices or remotely through calls, chats, hosting meetings, and sharing documents and files through the cloud.

Microsoft Office serves as a staple in workplaces throughout New York City with applications like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and Excel that perform tasks involving word processing, presentations, email communication, cloud backup, and spreadsheets. Anyone working anywhere from a corporate office to a freelance agency to an academic institution uses Microsoft 365 for everything from basic workplace organizing to production design. Training in Microsoft Office delivers the skills needed for designing, creating, editing, and uploading files and documents required for creating and maintaining an efficient working environment.

Best Microsoft Office Classes & Schools in NYC

Microsoft Office helps work get done all over New York City. Office software lets users organize tasks that include building presentations using PowerPoint, visualizing data with Excel, communicating through email with Outlook, and composing documents with Word. Knowledge in Office applications provides options for employment for analyzing raw data, designing websites, organizing meetings, and working with databases.

People living in New York City can attend NYC Career Centers, located at 185 Madison Avenue, Suite 1104, for the Microsoft Office Fundamentals Bootcamp. This immersive course provides comprehensive training in the fundamentals of Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.

Thorough knowledge of Office is essential because the software bundle can help individuals and organizations better manage information related to working with a variety of digital technologies. 

This four-session course costs $749.

Prerequisites: This beginner-level course has no prerequisites.

Students can also attend NYC Career Centers for enrolling in Microsoft Outlook Level I. This course trains students in the various functions associated with Microsoft Outlook that includes setting up an email signature and formatting email account themes and text. Lessons cover organizing messages, creating calendars, and scheduling appointments, meetings, and other events. Training includes learning about Outlook features like notes, tasks, and journal entries. Upon completing this course, students will know how to add contacts and create groups, read and compose email, manage their calendar as well as complete other tasks using Outlook.

This course costs $249.

Prerequisites: This beginner-level course requires no prerequisites.

Anyone interested in learning how to work with integrating a variety of Office applications can enroll in the Moving to Microsoft Office: Streamlining Tasks course, which is available through Learning Tree International, located at 1601 Broadway, 6th Floor. This course trains students in a comprehensive understanding for using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as an integrated unit of applications functioning together. Training involves hands-on exercises that help participants in streamlining Office functions by customizing the user interface.

This three-session course costs $2,650.

Prerequisites: This beginner level course has no prerequisites.

Microsoft Excel allows users to apply a variety of functions for formatting and analyzing data by using charting and PivotTables that can contribute to the efficiency of any workplace. Taking Microsoft Excel Training from Sprintzeal Americas Inc., located at 305 Broadway, could enhance anyone’s skill set. This course familiarizes participants in the basic functions associated with Excel for efficiently carrying out day-to-day activities at work. Training emphasizes designing and managing Excel spreadsheets, analyzing large data sets, and using PivotTables.

This three-session course costs $4,975.

Prerequisites: This beginner-level course has no prerequisites.

NYC Industries That Use Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office contributes to productivity for a variety of industries in New York City with tools like Outlook, for example, that provides a portal for email communication, assigning tasks, scheduling meetings or events through the calendar, and saving contact information. Office has numerous applications for improving workplace efficiency through Microsoft 365 that serves as a hub for working at an office or from home with the ability to move seamlessly from one place to the other. Microsoft 365 provides cloud access for being able to easily work on documents and files from anywhere using Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint through the cloud.

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing application on the planet and used throughout the publishing industry, which New York City is among the most influential locations. Word offers a trove of features for composing, editing, and publishing a variety of document types.

New York City is also known for its financial industry where Microsoft Excel plays an important role by providing spreadsheets and data analysis using PivotTables and macros for calculations and other functions for formatting information and data.

Microsoft PowerPoint has become the standard for creating presentations that allow users to customize projects by helping with designing layouts, creating tables and charts, modifying text, and inserting images, shapes, and animation for industries ranging from engineering to marketing to education. 

Microsoft Office Jobs & Salaries in NYC

While possessing knowledge in Microsoft Office by itself may not be enough for establishing a career, skills in Office along with experience for a specific profession could be combined to improve career opportunities. Microsoft Office is simply how professionals design, develop, and communicate in operating businesses throughout the world. Learning Office provides valuable skills for anyone working in any type of office or corporate setting. Office functions as the main artery for getting work done in virtually every area of business by providing tools for word processing, developing presentations, or managing and analyzing data. Training for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Outlook provides skill with a variety of software that can be applied to a wide range of business specialties.

Business Analyst

Microsoft Office is one of the core skills that can help in securing employment by allowing users to coordinate functions that are essential for any working environment. Skills with Office, including Excel and Access, can help in finding work, for example, as a Business Analyst.

Business Analysts serve the role of problem-solver by analyzing, communicating, applying critical thinking, and working with databases from experience with Microsoft Access or SQL. A Business Analyst must expect to work under tremendous pressure.

Business Analysts can earn an annual income of around $96,000 in a place like New York City.

Technical Writer

Technical Writers must have writing experience collected in a portfolio for demonstrating their work with technical documents. Technical Writers often work within a group that includes subject matter experts, so listening skills and the ability to communicate complicated information in plain language are essential to performing the duties for the job.

While knowledge in Microsoft Word alone may not be enough for establishing a career, skill in the word processing application can contribute to finding work as a Technical Writer, which can earn an individual a yearly salary of around $78,000 in New York City.

Human Resources Manager

To work as a Human Resources Manager, a person will need at least a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business management, finance, or other related fields. Working as a Human Resources Managers typically requires at least five years of experience from working in human resources on some level or similar work with employment matters such as payroll or benefits.

Human resources is an area of work where Microsoft Office serves an essential role for coordinating functions by using Excel, Outlook, and Word for maintaining information on employees, income tax, benefits, and related matters. The yearly salary for Human Resources Managers averages around $89,000 in New York City.