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Discover essential life skills classes in NYC. From mindfulness and time management classes to communication and leadership, boost your knowledge and gain practical skills to enhance your personal and professional life.

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Heidegger: Truth, Technology, and Poetry

Brooklyn Institute for Social Research @ Wyoming Building, 5 East 3rd St, New York, NY 10003

Sometime in the early 1930’s, Heidegger’s thought is supposed to have undergone a change. His philosophical project shifted from the “fundamental ontology” of his early work Being and Time—foundational to the development of wartime and post-war “existentialism”—to what he would come to describe as Seinsgeschichte—a “history of being.” Heidegger was interested in understanding how the meaning of being, what it means...

Tuesday Oct 17th, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

5 Course Hands-On All Organic Cooking Class

Nourish the Soul @ 306 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

Raise your vibrations by unlocking your chakras through a seasonally plant based menu combined with energy healing techniques.

Wednesday Oct 11th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

AIANY Around Manhattan Architecture

Classic Harbor Line @ 12th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Key Points about this Tour: 2.75 hours Ticket price is per person. Minimum of 2 and Maximum of 9 ticket purchase for $112 Private elegant tables assigned to each booking. Each features cushioned section, a large exterior window and plexiglass dividers. Offered aboard Manhattan or Manhattan II (1920s inspired yachts) Capacity limitations will follow the New York State guidelines Fully Circumnavigates the Island of Manhattan. Hosted &...

Wednesday Sep 27th, 12–2:45pm Eastern Time

Sunset Sail Aboard the Schooner Adirondack

Classic Harbor Line @ 12th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Key Points about this tour: 2 Hours Ticket price is per person. Aboard Adirondack - inspired by the pilot schooners of the 1890s Sails past One World Trade Center, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty We ask you to eat before or after your sail. 80 Feet in length and about 2000 square feet of sail area Very popular for date night and entertaining out of town guests! One complimentary beer, wine, Champagne or soft drink is offered. Additional...

Wednesday Sep 27th, 6–8pm Eastern Time

Day Sail to Statue of Liberty on Adirondack

Classic Harbor Line @ 12th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Key Points about this tour: 2 Hours Price is per person. Maximum of 9 ticket purchase. Aboard ADIRONDACK - inspired by the pilot schooners of the 1890s Sails past One World Trade Center, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty 80 Feet in length and about 2000 square feet of sail area Great for families who want to sail and see the sights! One complimentary beer, wine, Champagne or soft drink is offered. Additional beverages are available...

Wednesday Sep 27th, 3:15–5:15pm Eastern Time

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Statue & Skyline Sightseeing Cruise

Classic Harbor Line @ 12th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Key points about this tour: 1.5 hours Ticket price is per person. See all major lower Manhattan sites! Private elegant tables assigned per booking - each protected by Plexiglass dividers, cushioned seating and openable windows. Offered aboard Manhattan or Manhattan II (1920s inspired yachts) Light narration provided by the captain One complimentary beer, wine, Champagne or soft drink is offered. Additional beverages are available for purchase....

Wednesday Sep 27th, 3:45–5:15pm Eastern Time

Forge a Survival Knife (Introduction to Knifesmithing)

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Transform a piece of ordinary rebar into a beautiful knife that you design! This workshop will immerse you in the world of knifesmithing – the art, science, and practice of using heat and hammers (among other tools) to shape steel. You will transform a piece of ordinary piece of rebar (steel reinforcing rod) into a beautiful knife of your own design. The first portion of this workshop will focus on heating and shaping the rebar with a hammer...

Thursday Sep 28th, 6–10pm Eastern Time

Herbs 101: Intro to Medicinal Herbs

Remedies Herb Shop @ 453 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Bring Herbal Healing into your life! Learn the basics of Traditional Herbal Medicine, according to the Wise Woman Tradition, and how it compares to other natural healing modalities and Modern Western Medicine.  Begin to get to know your green allies, and how to prepare your own herbal medicine, including tinctures, infusions, oils and salves. We will share a nourishing infusion, and you will make and take home your own herbal medicine! ...

Thursday Oct 5th, 7–8:30pm Eastern Time

Date Night: Forge a Survival Knife

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Date Night: Forge a Survival Knife (Introduction to Knifesmithing) Each couple will make one knife together and get a pizza and a bottle of wine to share during the workshop. Click here if you want to book for the regular single attendee class instead. Transform a piece of ordinary rebar into a beautiful knife that you design! This workshop will immerse you in the world of knifesmithing – the art, science, and practice of using heat...

Thursday Sep 28th, 6–10pm Eastern Time

for 2 students

Around Manhattan Brunch Cruise

Classic Harbor Line @ 12th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Key points about this tour: 2.75 Hours Long Ticket price is per person. Minimum of 2 and Maximum of 3 ticket purchase for $142 Private elegant tables assigned per booking - each protected by Plexiglass dividers, cushioned seating and openable windows. Our brunch is a three-course prix fixe menu served at your private table. Offered aboard Manhattan or Manhattan II Fully Circumnavigate the Island of Manhattan passing under 20 bridges! Includes...

Saturday Sep 30th, 10am–12:45pm Eastern Time

Natural Perfume Blending (Part One)

Alchemologie Natural Perfume @ 438 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Smell is the most neglected of our senses yet it has an instantaneous power to penetrate our consciousness invoking memories and emotion. Odors are ethereal and elusive yet can strongly attract or repel. As a concerned consumer, you are choosing organic food, seeking out sustainable products and opting for eco-friendly packaging. But what about the fragrance you wear? That signature scent is likely composed of synthetic materials (as most commercial...

Saturday Oct 21st, 1–4:30pm Eastern Time

Inwood Hill Park (Teens/Adults)

"Wildman" Steve Brill @ Broadway & Dyckman St, New York, NY 10034

Inwood Hill Park is one of the best places for foragers in late winter. The city's hilliest park, with a large, mature forest, meadows, thickets, and cultivated areas, it's loaded with wild plants. Now is the time for roots. Burdock, an expensive detoxifying herb sold in health food stores, as well as an invasive foreign species, abounds in human-disturbed areas throughout the park. The cooked root tastes like a combination of potatoes and artichokes. ...

Sunday Oct 1st, 11:45am–3:45pm Eastern Time

Fragrance Blending Workshop NYC (for candle-making and reed diffuser)

Atelier Artisane @ 24-20 Jackson Ave, Queens, NY 11101

Learn the techniques to make your own "signature" fragrance oils blend for candle making using our library of scented notes.  In this 2 hour class, your teacher Melanie will share with you: The types of fragrance oils to work with and the differences with essential oils The different fragrance notes families (floral, spicy, woody)  The tools required to make your blends and how to source your fragrance oils  How to test your...

Sunday Oct 8th, 1:30–3:30pm Eastern Time

Childbirth Education One Day Dive

Birth Day Presence @ 141 W 72nd St #1, New York, NY 10023

This One Day Dive childbirth preparation course is ideal for parents who prefer to digest the material more fully, engage in rich discussions, and have an opportunity to practice pain-relief techniques, rather than just learn about them. Our childbirth preparation classes are well rounded and accessible and in this group format you'll have the opportunity to communicate directly with your expert instructor and interact with other expectant...

Saturday Sep 30th, 2–7:30pm Eastern Time

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Discover the Best Life Skills Classes in NYC

Life skills are the necessary capabilities that help you navigate life with ease. If having a certain skill makes your life hassle-free, more enjoyable, or more enriching, then it can be considered a life skill. All life skills have varying levels of difficulty that ultimately depend on your previous experience, interests, and goals. For example, a basic life skill is knowing how to load the laundry machine. However, a more complex skill to have may be knowing how to fix the laundry machine when it stops working.

Why You Should Learn Life Skills in NYC

Acquiring a new life skill helps you grow as an individual or advance in your professional life. Throughout different periods in your life, you may need a new skill set that you wouldn’t have needed a year prior or even 10 years prior. By learning new life skills, you are ensuring your self-preservation, self-assuredness, and self-reliance. At the most basic level, learning a new life skill can prove to be practical, exciting, and, at times, necessary.

In a place like New York City, you may learn that you need a few life skills you otherwise would not need. For example, if you live in a city but want to grow your own produce, you will need the skills necessary to understand urban farming. Whether you live in an apartment or house, you will eventually need simple repairs in the kitchen or bathroom that could be very expensive. Aside from practicality, learning a new skill is an easy and fun way to connect with others in your area or other people with similar interests. You could even turn a life skill into a hobby, such as writing. In turn, you could even turn that hobby into a part-time career.

In-Person Life Skills Classes & Schools in NYC

There are numerous life skills you can learn in-person in NYC. This is a great option, as learning is quick and easy when someone is available to answer your questions throughout the session. Plus, it’s always enjoyable to learn a new skill with a group of others who share your passion or interest. You could even make a few new friends in the process.

Getting started in an in-person course will help you pick up on your newly acquired life skills. When you enroll in an in-person class, you arrive in your fully stocked classroom ready to learn. In-person classes make learning stress-free and entertaining.

Do you want to get better at communication skills? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to save money at the auto shop by changing your own oil? Regardless of the life skill you want to learn, there are so many options available to learn your desired skill.

Research shows that the vast majority of pet owners receive no pet first aid training. Lifesaving Enterprises LLC aims to change that by offering a Pet First Aid and CPR course. By the end of the course, you will be well-equipped to provide your pet with temporary urgent care until you can get your furry friend to the vet or emergency clinic. The injuries covered include bite wounds, bleeding, heart issues, choking, burns, poisoning, and trauma. In addition, they provide information on safety precautions that prevent injuries before they occur. The price of the textbook is included in the course and an optional certification exam is offered at the end of the program.

The Childbirth Education Basics course by Birth Day Presence is a 3-hour course located in Park Slope, Brooklyn that prepares new parents for labor by explaining the physiology of birth, signs of labor, various pain management techniques, types of labor support, and more. With the skills you will adopt in this course, you will leave feeling prepared to work through any stage of the labor process. The course emphasizes that there is no one right way to labor, so you can feel confident asking questions, clarifying any confusion, and building confidence in yourself. Plus, every family will leave the class with a free, new birth ball.

The New York City College of Technology provides a Homeowner’s Basic Tool Kit course which helps you serve as your own handyman. This hands-on experience will teach you how to cut a board, level a shelf, install bolts, and more. You will learn about the various necessary home repair tools that can help you complete your next project or save your home in the event of an accident. This is an ideal course for new homeowners, or anyone living alone, as it could one day save you money on home repairs.

Have you ever used Excel at your place of work and found it rather tricky? Excel for Business Fundamentals can fix that. NYIM provides this fundamental course for anyone who wishes to learn the main functions Excel has to offer. The training is hands-on, so you can expect to use Excel consistently in the class. You will be able to produce masterful, accurate spreadsheets with ease by the end of this class.

Although NYC is known as the concrete jungle, the city still boasts thousands of native flora. The Plant Identification and Medicine Making Workshop by Remedies Herb Shop is perfect for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in nature and learn more about different medicinal plants. The course takes place in the Narrows Botanical Garden and begins with a plant identification walk. The class winds down with information on how to make herbal medicines with the plants and materials provided to you by your instructor. Plus, you get to make your very own tinctures to take home and use.

Sometimes, it’s hard to feel motivated. If you’ve ever felt this way, consider enrolling in the American Management Association’s Extraordinary Productivity: The 5 Choices course in Midtown, Manhattan. This seminar helps you develop the skills needed to enhance productivity in your workplace by combining current neuroscience research with proven principles that help you manage your attention, time, and energy. You will learn how to apply these skills to your workplace interactions and routines to maximize efficiency. As a result, you will feel more organized, decisive, and, of course, productive.

Virtual Life Skills Classes & Schools

If you can’t find the in-person class you want, don’t get discouraged. There are many online courses available that can help you learn your desired life skill. You can learn everything from the comfort of your home.

When you enroll in an online life skills class, you can choose from classes all across the country. The time you save on the commute leaves more time for you to practice your new life skill. As long as you have a web-connected device and ample space to work, you are good to go.

Many online classes require that you provide your own materials and supplies, however, your instructor will include a detailed list of items that you can easily find in a local store or an online store. Ensure that your supplies are ready in time for your class – especially for more hands-on classes.

It’s easy to find online life skills classes at CourseHorse. Choose a class that best suits your schedule and needs.

Is it your dream to write for a TV series? TV writer Candice Philpot teaches a TV Writer’s Assistant: Writer’s Room Survival Bootcamp which can help you get your foot in the door. This 3-week online course takes you through the stages by providing tips on how to land your first job, prep for an interview, hone your editing skills, and navigate the writer's room. The third session is particularly special, as Philpot discusses the best way to craft a resume suited for a TV writers assistant position. With the skills learned in this course, you are sure to find your way in your intended career.

Being assertive can be a difficult balancing act, especially as a manager. Assertiveness Training for Managers provides you with the expertise needed to improve communication, set standards, empower yourself, and positively influence others. The class uses a behavior modeling approach that teaches managers how to utilize their assertiveness skills in a way that takes control of the situation without isolating themselves from their staff. Anyone who wants to build upon their already advanced managerial strengths should consider enrolling in this course to foster a more cohesive work environment.

Meditation is a common buzzword in modern society but is a practice that is somewhat tricky to achieve. Learn the skill of meditation and mindfulness in this Guided Spiritual Meditation course by the Infinity Foundation. Each session focuses on spiritual growth and inner peace to help you reach a state of balance. It is easy to feel overloaded by day-to-day pressures, and even easier to get lost in the anxiety or stress that they cause. This course provides you with tools and techniques that help you reach mental clarity and a meditative state.

Private Group Life Skills Classes in NYC

Are you interested in scheduling a life skills class as an interactive team-building event for your business or organization? CourseHorse has live online group classes that they can deliver to you. There are many options for life skills classes for private groups in NYC and

With the Virtual Calligraphy Workshop, you’ll learn to impress your friends with beautifully crafted invitations or dazzle a prospective employer with a hand-written thank-you note. Calligraphy can help you save money on cards while adding a personal flair to show your appreciation. Your group will learn various techniques needed to craft gorgeous letter forms with any writing utensil. The workbook is provided by the instructor, so all you have to bring to your virtual session is a pen or marker and some paper.

The Google Ads Corporate Training provides your group with a necessary life skill for anyone working in advertising, marketing, business, or brand awareness. The course is taught by an NYC industry expert who teaches the basics of Google Ads as well as which keywords, strategies, and practices are best suited for your marketing campaign goals. Your group will explore the hands-on class through simulated challenges that may arise in the workplace. Plus, each member of the group will go home with useful course files to use as a resource in future situations.

Become the life of the party with the Virtual Mixology Workshop. In this class, materials are included, and you’ll learn to make 3 different drinks: an Old Fashioned, the classic mint julep, and a tangy ginger lime margarita. This interactive workshop is led by a master mixologist and gives you all the necessary information to wow your next dinner guests. Your group will not only learn the history of mixology, but will have fun together trying these distinct and delicious cocktails.

CourseHorse makes the learning process easy and enjoyable. They ship supplies directly to each participant so everyone has the same materials and can enjoy the course in the same way. The minimum group size for courses varies, but as long as you meet the minimum requirement, your group can adjust the number of participants until a week before the event.

For an additional $150 fee, you can customize your course with an extra game or an added event. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours of your reservation. Plus, there are zero booking fees when you sign up for a class on CourseHorse.

CourseHorse recommends using Zoom to conduct your class, but they can make accommodations for Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. In fact, many courses can even come to your office or home if that is preferable. You can reach out through the contact form on the CourseHorse website to learn about the options available.