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Game On! Board Games (Kids)

Brooklyn Public Library @ 790 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Board games for ages 6-12. Note: This program is free and open to all adults, with general seating. Pre-registration does not guarantee a seat.

No upcoming schedules

Kids: Music Mind Games

Creatively Wild Art Studio Dumbo @ 33 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Music mind games, is a comprehensive theory curriculum that uses fun, interactive learning tools to introduce and reinforce comprehension of musical symbols and concepts. Students will learn about steady beats, basic rhythms, note values, names, reading the treble and bass clef, solfege/ear training, and eventually create their own musical compositions. This class is for students of all instruments and voice, and no musical experience is needed....

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Dungeons & Dragons - Phoenix Academy (Ages 12-16)

Wagner College Lifelong Learning @ 1 Campus Rd, Staten Island, NY 10301

Class is in session at Phoenix Academy, Faerun’s premier school for teens who want to learn what it takes to be an adventurer. This Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition campaign takes a departure from pure dungeon crawling and instead tells a story about teenage heroes having to balance high school life with going on adventures, evoking media such as Harry Potter, My Hero Academia, and the Persona franchise. Players will be creating level 1 incoming...

No upcoming schedules

10 sessions

Dungeons & Dragons "1st Edition" (Ages 11 - 16)

Wagner College Lifelong Learning @ 1 Campus Rd, Staten Island, NY 10301

While the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons is the most commonly known and played nowadays, the game’s origins should not be forgotten. In this tabletop roleplaying experience, students will embark on an old-fashioned Dungeons and Dragons adventure using an updated version of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ruleset. Originally released in 1977, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, commonly referred to as 1st edition, established many core elements...

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10 sessions

Game Masters

Uptown Stories, Inc. @ 178 Bennett Ave, New York, NY 10040

Whether it’s throwing the dice, shuffling cards or plotting your next move, everyone loves to play games. In this workshop we are taking it a step further – you’ll invent your own game.  Create your own characters, design the setting and develop the plot, then we’ll apply these elements into your game. And yes, we’ll be making the pieces, boards and/or cards needed to play your game, so get ready! From D&D devotees to Candy Land...

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9 sessions

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Virtual GameShow

CinemaKidz @ 693 E 18th St, Brooklyn, NY 11230

This class is all about having fun with your friends! Hosted by a different person each day, children will participate in fun virtual challenges and quizzes each session. Your child will receive the CinemaKidz Prop kit for the games including slime, buzzers and more! The show will be edited together to make a fun video.

No upcoming schedules

5 sessions

Intermediate Scratch - Bubbles Sensing Game

Generation Code @ 90 John St, New York, NY 10038

This workshop is geared towards students with prior Scratch knowledge where they will create their very own interactive bubble-popping game by learning about and incorporating video-sensing blocks. Note: • Students are responsible for bringing their own laptops to class.

No upcoming schedules

Schoolhouse Chess

Wagner College Lifelong Learning @ 1 Campus Rd, Staten Island, NY 10301

We bring pieces to life using creative personalities. Our imaginative characters accelerate the learning process and fascinate children. Play with our giant chess set – the biggest you’ve ever seen! This camp is appropriate for beginners through intermediate players and will cover all rules and strategies. Note: All Mad Science Camps Schedule Mad Science: 9am – 12pm (Half-day dismissal) Lunch: 12pm – 1pm Recreation, Arts/Crafts and...

No upcoming schedules

5 sessions

Let the Games Begin (Ages 6-11)

Wagner College Lifelong Learning @ 1 Campus Rd, Staten Island, NY 10301

Are you a gamer or do you just really love-playing board games? Either way, this class is for you! Join us to re-create games that we love with a new twist. We will bring our games to life-size boards or off the video screens. Each day we will create some of our favorite games together and then play them for some good old-fashioned fun! Have a new game idea? Let’s create it together because life is not about all work and no play! Please read:...

No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

Board Game Design

Children's Museum of the Arts @ 103 Charlton St, New York, NY 10014

Ever wonder how games like Trouble, Candy Land, Operation, and Monopoly are created? Young artists will study, play, and create their own board games using everything from cardboard to found objects. Create your own strategy, become an expert at a game of your own design and bring it home to play over and over!

No upcoming schedules

Girl Scout Earth Day Celebration (Grades K-12)

WCS Zoos @ 450 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Girl Scouts: Join us for fun activities as we celebrate Earth Day at the Zoo! Participate in an exciting scavenger hunt in search of Letterboxes and Geocaches and practice Leave No Trace along the way! Earn badges, meet animals, sing songs, and receive an event patch.  Bring SWAPS to trade.  Event is held rain or shine. This program is for children in grades K-12. Adults can be added on at check-out for regular adult admission price.

No upcoming schedules

Games Workshop (Ages 3-4)

French Institute Alliance Française @ 22 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022

Engaging in games such as Twister, Lego, and easy board games, children develop motor and cognitive skills, and learn how to engage in friendly competition

No upcoming schedules

Dungeons & Dragons Beyond (D&D) (Ages 11 - 16)

Wagner College Lifelong Learning @ Virtual Classroom via Discord

D&D is a tabletop roleplaying game where the participants play out a story with their collective imagination with one person as a moderator who determines whether or not the player’s actions succeed or fail, using dice, rules, and creativity. The players take on a role in the same way that an actor takes the role of a character on stage or film. This new campaign will take place in the fantasy world of Oerth, the original campaign setting...

No upcoming schedules

12 sessions

Juggling for Beginners

Q.E.D. @ 27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11105

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of basic juggling pattern called a "cascade". Most people can learn the cascade within a half hour. If time allows then we will move on to basic tricks. If anyone is needing intermediate instruction, we can definitely tackle that as well. The point of the instruction is to learn the skills to efficiently build the proper muscle memory needed for foundation juggling.  Juggling props will be provided....

No upcoming schedules

Virtual Gameshow (Ages 7-15)

CinemaKidz @ Online Class, Online, NY 11230

Come-on dowwwwn to the CinemaKidz Game Show – an exciting, interactive course, where kids learn to produce and star in their very own game show. This class is inspired by some of TV’s most classic shows, from trivia to physical challenges and obstacle courses. Participants will host and plan their very own show to lead, build various obstacles and puzzles, make team shirts, and compete in different challenges each day. Build giant spinners, jeopardy...

No upcoming schedules

15 sessions

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