Lower East Side, New York, New York
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CAVEAT is a downtown venue that puts on kick-ass, smart events. We’re redefining the boundary between intellect and entertainment. When the thirst for knowledge hits, you don’t have to sit at home watching TED Talks or binge-reading Wikipedia: this is a home for people who love learning, playing, and getting tipsy. Come for the oddball programming – stay for the beer, food and curious company.

Reviews of Caveat

(25 Reviews)
Masters of Social Gastronomy: The Secrets of FAKE MEAT!


Attended: Masters of Social Gastronomy: The Secrets of FAKE MEAT!

This wasnt the class scheduled It was a class about pumpkin pie

The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week

Dan T.

Attended: The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week

Fun time overall.


Prateek T.

Attended: Versus

I thought the topic was an interesting choice. Both side had very strong points and it was very entertaining.

A Lot On The Mind: Huntington's Disease

Wilber T.

Attended: A Lot On The Mind: Huntington's Disease

This was a very informative and engaging class.

Yeah She Did: Women in Food

Diane J.

Attended: Yeah She Did: Women in Food

Venue perfectly matched the ease, wit and cadence of the evening. Great “show” and awesome group activity! I’ll defintely go back to Caveat and want to check out the next Yeah She Did!

Yeah She Did: Women in Food

Henah P.

Attended: Yeah She Did: Women in Food

This was amazing -- I loved hearing from such badass women about other badass women who deserved to be remembered. The venue was reasonably priced, comfortable, and not crowded.

Science Exclamation Point


Attended: Science Exclamation Point

Thoughtful and super fun. Great staff

Yeah She Did: Stories About Women You Should Know

Charlotte W.

Attended: Yeah She Did: Stories About Women You Should Know

An absolute inspirational evening...I would recommend this night to anyone and everyone. Moving, intellectual and hilarious, it was one of the best evenings I've had in a long time.

Science Exclamation Point

Nashwa A.

Attended: Science Exclamation Point

Nashwa A. gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

West Wing Writers Workshop

Dolores B.

Attended: West Wing Writers Workshop

Dolores B. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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21-A Clinton St, New York, New York 10002
Lower East Side, Manhattan
21-A Clinton St
Btwn Stanton & E Houston Streets
New York, New York 10002

Teachers at Caveat

Alex Warnik Allen Arthur Allison Brzezinski Allison Navis & Sarah Hughes Amber Maykut André Pineda Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D. Andrew Coletti Andrew Coletti, Anna Cain Bianco & Natasha Frost Andy Peeke Anna Rasche Arthur Meek Astra Taylor, Greta Byrum & Meehan Crist Bassey Ikpi Bill Wurtz Brad Einstein Brad Einstein & Claire Einstein Brian Agler Brooke Borel Brooke Borel, Dr. Kelly Weinersmith, & Zach Weinersmith Caitlin Durante Caitlin Kunkel Caleb Scharf Catherine Clune-Taylor, Matthew Starr & Monique Moses Chandler Dean Charles Star Chinisha Scott Christine McCarthy & David Mendizabal Christopher Skaife Chuck Adler & Bow van Riper Colin O'Brien & Michael Wolf Corinne Caputo & Loren Grush Courtney Fearrington, Andrea Jones-Rooy, Shalewa Sharpe & Raj Sivaraman Dani Faith Leonard David Schneider David Scharff Dmitry Bocharov Dr. Ali Mattu Dr. Genevieve Saoch Dr. Pete Girguis, Sarah McAnulty & Rachel Bouton Eadig - Efrain John Gonzalez, Mehai Bakaty Stephanie Tamez & John Wyatt Elaine Stritch (Jay Malsky) & Don Pardo (Richie Moriarty) Eliza Cossio & Caroline Schaper Elizabeth Hira and Danny Sharron Emily Ludolph Emily Hoff Emily Hoff, Maygen Keller & Diana Montano Emily Ludolph & Lois Lowry Eric, Jeff, Michael, Jessica, Zack, Hannah & Jake Erin Barker & Tracy Rowland Erin Barker & Paula Croxson Evan Kleiman, Francis Lam & Dan Pashman Freddy Clark George Morillo Georgia Clark Henderson Cleaves, Caleb Scharf, & Carl Zimmer Janice Maffei Jaqi Cohen & Jia Doughman Jay Malsky Jaye McBride Jeremy England, Steven Benner, & Carl Zimmer Jessica Wontropski Jessica Creane, Joseph Ahmed, Amy Shoshana Blumberg & Evelyn Langley Jody Shelton Justin Williams Karen Chee Kate Adamala, Donato Giovonelli, & Carl Zimmer Kate Downey, Carly Hoogendyk, Shannon Palus, Kate V. & Kyle Marian Kate Villa & Peter Johnston Katy Frame & Marie Cecile Anderson Keisha Zollar Kelli Dunham Kelly Speer Kelly Florence & Meg Hafdahl Kelly Speer & Isa Betancourt Kimberly Mutcherson & Meehan Crist Kyle Marian Larry Owens Lenore Kantor Lindsay Levine Madeline Ziegler Marcela Onyango Marcela Onyango & Lauren Clark Maria Heinegg & Jenna Jerman Mark Vigeant Matthew Tutsky Matthew Starr and Monique Moses Meehan Crist Meg Pierson and Justin Williams Meg Pierson, Zak Martellucci, & Dustin Growick Mehdi Barakchian & Kylie Holloway Michael Wolf Mike Camerlengo & Caroline Cotter Milly Tamarez Milly Tamarez & Chris Burns Moiya McTier Monica McCarthy Monique Moses, Xochitl Mayo, Tim Platt & Diana Rose McCorry Morgan Lynzi & Afimaye Morgan Lynzi & Shaman Durek Multiple Cast N. Intraub, A. Jackson-Gibson, R. Khamsi, K. McCoy & G. Soresi Nat Towsen and Darren Solomon Natalia Reagan and Harrison Greenbaum Natalie Diaz, Leecia Eve, Monica Guerra Meredith Kane and Merlina Manocaran Nate Charles Neil Goldberg Nicholas Bone and Geoff Pinfield Nick Probst and Ellington Berg Paula Croxson Rachel Feltman Racquel Gates Racquel Gates & Alex English Reed Kavner & Taylor Lorenz Rollie Williams Rose Eveleth Ryan Britt, Rae Paoletta, Peter Hess & Shannon O'Dell Sage Sovereign Sam Corbin, Tim Donnelly, Jerzy Gwiazdowski, Ally Spier & Nikolai Vanyo Sarah Lohman Sarah Burton & Allie Kokesh Sarah Lohman & Soma Sarah Lohman and Scott Weiner Sarah Lohman, Jonathan Soma & Kimberly Worsham Sarah Rose Siskind Scott Benson Steph Yin & Alexis Takahashi Stephanie Rogers, Simon Chamberland & Alyssa Damico Steve Faktor & Jerome Lamaar Steven Polletta & Sophie Yalkezian Tanner Dahlin & Ryan Creamer Thomas Dooley Tracy Rowland & Paula Croxson Tricia Greeley Tricia Greeley Vanessa Hill Weill Cornell Medicine PhD Candidates Yihui Zhang Yihui Zhang Yihui Zhang Zane York ​Jason Scott Jones & Jonathan W. Gray
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